Orlando City SoccerCast

The cast dives into the standings and previews City's must win game vs. Cincinnati.

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The cast talks about the teams playoff hopes, recaps the draw against the Revs, and previews City vs. Houston. 

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Evan Weston and Miguel Gallardo debate the state of the U.S. Mens National Team.

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Recapping City vs. LAFC and the controversial calls, international player updates, and previewing the massive upcoming game against New England Revolution.

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The cast recaps Orlando vs. Atlanta and looks ahead to San Jose and beyond.

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The Lions are #inthehunt for playoffs and the cast is breaking down the games and analyzing the stats. 

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The cast interviews Mauricio Pereyra before discussing FC Dallas, Open Cup, Toronto and Pride vs. Dash.  

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New signing Mauricio Pereyra, Atlanta preview, Dallas preview, and an all encompassing recap of MLS All-Star week.

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The Orlando Pride are back at full strength and we're here to talk about it. We also preview City vs. Revolution and talk a little All-Star.

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Open Cup vs. NYCFC, 3 points vs. the Crew, Pride vs. Thorns, and Mexican vs. French cuisine.

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We discuss the Women's World Cup, Orlando Pride's home victory, City vs. Philly, and travel woes.

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The full cast is back covering everything City. 

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Jenny, Evan and Ric discuss the Pride's away result, Women's World Cup, and the U.S. Open Cup. 

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This week we recap City's big win at Montreal and get pumped up for the 2019 Fifa Women's World Cup!

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All the latest Orlando City news plus game recaps and previews.

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We briefly cover City's away performances in Atlanta and Seattle before diving in to the Lions' big win over the Lions.

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We talk a little insider Pride, cover City vs. Toronto, and preview the upcoming road trip to Atlanta and Seattle.

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The cast talks a bit of Pride before recapping the Lion's trip to Yankee Stadium and previewing the much anticipated match against Toronto FC.  

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Recapping City and Pride games from the past week. 

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The cast goes off topic before recapping Pride and City games.

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We recap the win against Colorado and preview the trip to Salt Lake.

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We recap the game against United, preview the Rapids, chat about fantasy and Rick T. unveils his starting 11.

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We recap the win in New Jersey and look ahead to the next home game against D.C. United. 

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Recaps, Previews, National Teams, and Fantasy talk.

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Interview with new City CB Robin Jansson, match recap, preview, MLS fantasy talk, and MLS March Madness.

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We recap City's home opener against NYCFC and look ahead to the next match in the windy city.

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Join the SoccerCast League on Fantasy! Search code: PSPF5JHL

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Evan and Miguel join the cast to talk about the Orlando City Invitational and Nani.

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Getting observational on the preseasonal and Orlando City Invitational.

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Interview with Chris Mueller and all things preseason camp.

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Orlando Pride Head Coach Marc Skinner sits down with Jenny and Ryan.

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We're talking MLS and NWSL draft, Kickoff Week, Preseason and more.

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On today’s show we’ll talk to Orlando City’s EVP of Soccer Operations and Pride’s new GM. We’ll also discuss all of City’s player moves thus far and the 2019 schedule which just dropped.

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