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Here's the latest SoccerCast which is more of a quick hit with our two latest signings. Defender Aurélien Collin from Sporting Kansas City and Midfielder Amobi Okugo formally of the Philadelphia Union join Tom and Dan to chat about their recent moves to the "Sunshine State", Florida fashion, and going back to school!

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On this week's Orlando City SoccerCast: Rather than asking the guest to come to us, we decided it was time to take the show in the road and head over to Orlando City's brand new downtown Orlando offices. This week we sat down with club President Phil Rawlins and get his thoughts on the impending MLS final, what's the deal with Beckham and Miami, and his thoughts on hunting both of us to be the newest trophy's mounted on his wall! (It's a long story but it is included in the podcast. We promise.) All of that and more on this week's show. 

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On this week's Orlando City SoccerCast: We sit down with our Director of Community Relations, Kay Rawlins to talk about what's been going on with the club and the city! There are always plenty of events that the club will put on to help out the fine people of the greater Orlando area. Get the latest info on events where you can have fun, all the while doing good for your community. All of that and more on this week's SoccerCast. 

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On this week's Orlando City SoccerCast: Head coach Adrain Heath joins us to give us a bit more understanding as to how we were able to secure a best possible scenario for our inaugural MLS draft. We also sit down with hometown defender Tommy Redding on this week's Orlando City Player Profile. He might just be the most mature 17 year old you'll ever meet!

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On this week's Orlando City SoccerCast: We know that this has been an extremely bittersweet time for the club – all the while, we are able to sit down with club General Manager Paul McDonough to talk about which players are going and which players are staying. We also get a top to bottom run down of how the MLS Expansion Draft and College Draft are executed. All of that and more on this week's Orlando City SoccerCast!

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On this week's Orlando City SoccerCast: We catch head coach Adrian Heath in the car and get his feelings on winning not only the USLPro regular season championship but also the 2014 OCSC President's Award. We also sit down with team captain Rob Valentino and just have a nice long chat! Hear his feelings on playing for a progressing minor league franchise and also where he would like his career to continue. It's a great interview! All of that and more on this week's SoccerCast.

Thanks guys! Have a great weekend and let us know if there's anything else that you need from us this week. Radio this morning was fantastic and we actually squeaked out a second segment on the monsters. Good stuff!

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On this week's Orlando City SoccerCast: We have just enough time to put in a call to Head Coach Adrian Heath who's with the boys on the road in Wilmington. Tonight's game against the Hammerheads (8W-7L-10T) could secure our Orlando City Lions with the regular season championship. Coach gives us his thoughts on tonight's game as well as his opinion of social media vs. team camaraderie in professional sports. We also get his thoughts on the recent retiring announcement of midfielder Yordany Alvarez. All of that and more on this week's SoccerCast!

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On this week's Orlando City SoccerCast: We sit down with right back Brian Burke to talk about the trials and tribulations of a severe injury and the process that it takes to rehab and get back into form. Brian gets real candid about how he's been dealing with it and where he is now. Thanks for listening!

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On this week's Orlando City SoccerCast: We chat with a less than happy head coach Adrian Heath about the team's first loss of the season against Rochester on the road. What went wrong and how is coach attempting to rectify the problem? We also get a candid look at how coach approaches the idea of coaching his own son, Harrison Heath, as he has now signed with the first team. All of that plus a OCSC player profile with New York Red Bulls Ian Christianson on loan now and playing for our boys in purple! Thanks for listening!

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